Various workshops have been organized by Department of Special Education to bridge the gap between community and people with disabilities. Workshop on “Sign Language” was an attempt towards minimizing the communication gap between people with hearing impairment & speech problems and people with normal hearing and speaking capabilities. Participants of the workshop were students of Abdul Haq Campus from various departments including Mass Communication, International Relations and Economics in addition to department’s own students from M.A and B.S programs, and Students from Social Work, Psychology, etc. Great enthusiasm was exhibited by participants, and on students’ request the department is again going to organize a workshop next month.

Another workshop organized by the department was about Development of Teaching Aids for Learners with Disabilities as the young kids with disabilities heavily rely on such things not only in their classrooms but in daily life also. In this workshop too students from different departments actively participated to develop such material which was later displayed on the occasion of Pakistan Day (23rd March)  in Expo Center where  a multitude of organizations, governmental & non-governmental both, joined hands with Universities & Schools working for betterment of children with disabilities.  People from all walks of life visited the event and appreciated the efforts.

Art & Craft Exhibition: Another program that was a huge success for Department of Special Education, Abdul Haq Campus was organizing an Art & Craft Exhibition. The students of secondary, intermediate and B.A levels from selected Special Schools for learners with Hearing Impairment were to exhibit their talent of producing “Masterpieces of Art”, as commented by a respected visitor. Mr. Noor ud Din Bhamani, himself a patient of a muscle-degenerating disease, graced the occasion from his presence in the exhibition. He is on bed due to his illness but is well known for people with disabilities as an Activist for their rights. Students of Abdul Haq Campus were truly inspired by his presence despite his handicapping physical condition. They felt mesmerized by the art work presented to them from the students they initially thought as ‘disabled’.
Success of such programs further motivated the department to organize more programs for community awareness about needs and problems of and services for people with disabilities. Future programs for such purposes include workshops on Braille, Sign Language, and Technological Advancements among others in addition to Guidance & Counseling Services for parents/ care-takers of children with disabilities. People from different backgrounds are ready to join hands toward the betterment of those people. Let’s hope for the best.