An Introduction Of Bureau of Composition, Compilation and Translation

It was a dream of father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Baba-e-Urdu Mualvi Abdul Haq that Urdu being national language should have its due right and status and introduced in all spheres of life including official, business and other affairs. The project titled “Bureau of Composition, Compilation and Translation” was established during 1973 and published many books in Urdu of science and social sciences.

In November 2002 the Urdu college upgraded to the level of Federal Urdu University. The HEC approved the one of the project for publishing of scientific books in Urdu to promote teaching, training and research in national language under the guidance of honorary Directors Dr. Jamil uddin Aali and Dr. Aslam Farukhi. The project published 62 books for faculty of science and four other books on different subjects.

After the completion of the project, the newly established bureau doing the good job at large scale under the guidance of honorary Director, Professor Seema Naz Siddqui with an experienced team to achieve the noble cause and basic purpose. The University bearing the expanses and publishing books in Urdu. Further, the efforts are continue to publish books for Arts, Pharmacy, Business Administration/Commerce & Economics, Law, Engineering and also to meet the immediate needs of students.

The bureau publishing quarterly news letter “Tarjuman” which providing news and information of FUUAST regarding seminars, symposiums, workshops and other related news. The news letter is being circulated in educational sector and libraries of our country. In brief, the BCCT has been done remarkable job during the last few years to promote higher education in Urdu and trying their best to provide quality matter.


Payam-e-Urdu Oct 2023 to January 2024

Payam-e-Urdu Apr to Sep 2023

Payam-e-Urdu Aug 2022

Payam-e-Urdu Oct 2022 to Mar 2023

Name Designation
BAB-E-URDU Mualvi Abdul Haque “Founder”
Dr Jamil uddin Aali Former Director “Hon”
Dr Aslam Farukhi Former Director “Hon”
Professor Seema Naz Siddiqui Director “Hon”
Dr Raana Iqbal Deputy Director
Mr Zafar Mohiuddin Assistant Director
Mr Izhar Ahmed Siddiqui Assistant Director
Mr Mushtaq Ahmed In charge Store
Mr Muhammad Tariq Zaman Office Assistant
Mr Faisal Atta Gurmani Senior Clerk