All students of the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences & Technology shall conform to the Rules and regulations of the University and shall be under the overall disciplinary control of the Vice-Chancellor.

Student Application Form

Semester Promotion Rule

(a)Every Student must carry his/her identity card which shall be open to examination and may be demanded at the time of entrance to every function. No Student will be admitted to the University unless he/she is in the possession of the University Identity Card.

(b)No Student is eligible to sit for the University Examination unless he/she has at least 75% attendance at the courses of relevant programme.

(c)A student will have committed a breach of discipline or an act of general misconduct if the student:

  1.   Behaves in a manner which is detrimental to the interests and good repute of the University.
  2. Harasses any person on any grounds, including ethincity, gender, sexual preference or religious or political belief;
  3. Engages in threating/pressurising Faculty Members and /or Officers of the University inside or outside the university premises;
  4. Engages in creating disturbance in the Class Rooms/Laboratories;
  5. Engages in creating Law and order situation in the University premises;
  6. Will-fully, recklessly or negligently engages in conduct which causes, or may cause, bodily injury to any person;
  7. Engages in improper use of any University facilities or equipment;
  8. Engages in any other conduct, whether within or outside the precincts of the University, that may be prejudical to the good order and discipline of the Universitt or is likely to bring the University into disrepute.
  9. Fails by the required date, or within the required period, to pay any fine or observe any penalty imposed by this Regulation.

Indulgence in any of the above acts, can result in appropriate disciplibary action which may be rustication or expulsion from University for Specified period or for good or fines upto the maximum of Rs: 5000/- (Five Thousand). In this regard the Vice Chancellor is the sole and final authority.