Fee & Others Charges

1. Tuition Fee: As mention against the name of relevant department below

2. Others Fee/Charges:

  • Admission Fee: Rs: 2,000/- (Chargeable for every odd semester)
  • Library Fund: Rs: 500/- (Chargeable for every odd semester)
  • Enrolment Fee: Rs: 2,000/- (Charge for prescribed period of the relevant programme)
  • Total Rs: 4,500/-

3. Security Deposit: Rs: 5,000/- (If applicable)- Total Others: Rs:9,500/-

4. Rs: 300/- per semester will be charged for study tour for Environmental Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Geography and Geology Programmes

5. Sports fees per year Rs: 500/-

Fee Structure Bachelors Programmes
Fee Structure Masters Programmes