Department of Computer Science 


The department of Computer Science is one of the most popular departments of the Federal Urdu University. The department has a large number of PhDs working under one roof. Several faculty members are foreign qualified, whereas others are graduates of the prestigious universities of Pakistan. Several teachers of this department are working with the industrial partners as well; whereas others are doing free lance software development and providing consultancy as well. The department has a high ratio of lectures organized on time in a semester.

We offer Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs to those who have done graduation in the relevant subject areas. One may find research expertise in several areas in this department, ranging from software development, data science, machine learning, project management, disaster management, human computer interaction, artificial intelligence, to statistics and statistical computing.

A lot of our alumnus are working in and outside Pakistan on prestigious positions. Our students get job offers sooner than most other department students. Moreover, the increasing demand in the industry for software industry professionals has also placed a focus on our department because of the universal acceptance of our (Federally charted) university degree and quite low fees.

The department invites you to join us as a student if you want to secure your future in today’s most competitive technological market.

Best regards

Dr. Muhammad Khalid Shaikh
Assistant Professor

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Doctor of Philosophy (Areas of research):

  • Information Systems
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data Sciences

Bachelor of Science

Some Courses Offered in the Bachelor of Science Degree Program

Semester 1:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSC301 Introduction to Computing 3(2+1)
CSC302 Programming Fundamentals 4(3+1)
ELC301 Basic Electronics 3(2+1)
MTH301 Calculus and Analytic Geometry 3(3+0)
HUM301 English – I (Communication Skills) 3(3+0)
HUM302 Islamic Studies 3(3+0)

Semester 2:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSC303 Object Oriented Programming 4(3+1)
CSC304 Digital Logic Design 3(2+1)
CSC305 Discrete Structures 3(3+0)
STA301 Probability & Statistics 3(3+0)
HUM303 English – II (Technical and Business Writing) 3(3+0)
HUM304 Pakistan Studies 3(3+0)

Semester 3:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSC401 Data Structures and Algorithms 3(2+1)
CSC402 Computer Organization & Assembly Language 3(2+1)
CSC403 Database Management Systems 3(2+1)
MTH401 Differential Equations 3(3+0)
CSC404 Visual Programming 3(2+1)
HUM401 Urdu 3(3+0)

Semester 4:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSC405 Advanced Database Systems 3(2+1)
CSC406 Operating Systems 3(2+1)
CSC407 Computer Architecture 3(3+0)
CSC408 Data Communication 3(3+0)
CSC409 Software Engineering 3(3+0)
MTH402 Linear Algebra 3(3+0)

Semester 5:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSC501 Computer Communication & Networks 3(2+1)
CSC502 Design & Analysis of Algorithms 3(3+0)
CSC503 Artificial Intelligence 3(2+1)
XX-XXX Elective – 1 3
XX-XXX Elective – 2 3
XX-XXX Elective – 3 3

Semester 6:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSC504 Theory of Automata & Formal Languages 3(2+1)
CSC505 Numerical and Symbolic Computing 3(2+1)
CSC506 Web Programming 3(2+1)
XX-XXX Elective – 4 3
XX-XXX Elective – 5 3
XX-XXX Elective – 6 3

Semester 7:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSC601 Human Compute Interaction 3(2+1)
CSC602 Compiler Construction 3(3+0)
XX-XXX Elective – 7 3
XX-XXX Elective – 8 3
XX-XXX Elective – 9 3
PRJ601 Final Year Project (Phase – 1) 3(0+9)

Semester 8:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSC603 Multimedia Technologies 3(2+1)
PRJ602 Final Year Project (Phase – II) 3(0+9)

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1 Dr. Muhammad Sarim Assoc. Prof. Chairman [email protected]
2 Dr. Kamran Ahsan Assoc. Prof.
3 Mr.Muhammad Siddiq Asst Prof
4 Mrs. Asima Nisar Asst. Prof. [email protected]
5 Dr. Farhan Shafiq Asst. Prof. [email protected]
6 Dr. Uzma Afzal Asst. Prof. [email protected]
7 Dr. Shazia Usmani Asst. Prof. [email protected]
8 Mr. Shaikh Kashif Riffat Asst. Prof. [email protected]
9 Dr. Kashif Laeeq ( Asst. Prof. [email protected]
10 Dr. Muhammad Khalid Shaikh ( Asst. Prof. [email protected]
11 Ms. Naheed Azeem Asst. Prof. [email protected]
12 Dr. Syed Akhter Raza Asst. Prof. [email protected]