Collection Development Policy:The Librarian is responsible for efficient, cost effective growth of the library resources.

The guidelines for materials selection for the FUUAST Library are as follows:

1. Faculty recommendations
2. Reviews of professional literature
3. Price and date of publication
4. Relation to current trends
5. Reputation of author and/or publisher
6. Strengths and weaknesses of FUUAST Library’s existing collection

Quotations for Selected material will be invited from supplier/ vendors and submitted to the authority for financial approval. After approval purchase order is issued to the vender. The order of the selected books will be placed with the condition that the books are supplied with in specified time; otherwise order may be treated as cancelled. Price of foreign material will be checked and verified from the original or authenticated copy of Commercial Invoices provided by the supplier/ publishers websites. The bill will also be verified according to the provision given in quarterly notification by the Library Committee rates of the National Library of Pakistan.

All books received will be accessioned in accession register and bill along with the necessary documents will be sent to the office of the treasurer for payment.

Lending Policy:

  • Members (students, faculty & staff ) desirous of using the library must get themselves registered by applying for Library membership on a form obtainable from the library.
  • A borrower’s card known as the “Library Card” will be issued to each member on presentation of which reading material will be issued. This card will be strictly “non-transferable”, and should be surrendered at the time of obtaining admit card / clearance certificate on leaving the University.
  •  The library card will be valid for one year.
  • A Member, who loses his /her card, should inform the Librarian in writing. A duplicate card will be issued to him on payment of fee of Rs. 20/-.
  •  Any member sub-lend reading material from the library on his library card to any other person will be held responsible for the return of the material undamaged to the library.
  • The Library card of all members other than those of university employee shall be renewed every year.
  •  Books borrowed once may be issued again, if not required by other members. Books will not be reissued more than twice. Books will have to be presented for re-issue.
  • A fine of Rs. 5/ per day is charged for each overdue book.
  • Any book required urgently in the library must be returned on receipt of notice by circulation department even before of the expiry of the prescribed period.
  • Books and other reading materials of the following description shall not be issued, but can be consulted in the library:-

i.   Reference material (i.e. Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Atlases)

ii. Theses, Reports, Newspaper, etc.

iii. CDs.

  • Borrowing privileges may differ depending on the membership category. The borrowing privileges are as under

Category                                      No. of Books                                                             Loan Period


Faculty                                             6                                                                              4weeks

Visiting Faculty                                3                                                                              4weeks

Staff                                                 2                                                                              1week

Student                                            2                                                                              1week


  •   Book(s) lost, damaged, or mutilated in any way by a member will have to be replaced or paid for as per local market price, If the book is not available and the current price cannot be determined from the local market, then double of the actual price as per record plus additional 25% as departmental charges will be paid by the member. The books paid for will be written-off from the stock register.
  • The amount as cost of lost or damaged book(s) or material(s) will be credited to FUUAST University Library’s account.
  • Book(s) or other material lost or found to be lost on stock-taking shall be reported to the Vice Chancellor for write-off.
  • If any member leaves the University without returning books borrowed from the library, the price of the books(s) will be adjusted against his security/dues with the University.

Gifts Policy:

Gifts will be accepted at the discretion of the university librarian. Following is the guideline for accepting any offer of gifts.

  • Donations are welcomed which fall within the scope of the library’s collection development policy, if they are of academic value and if they contribute significantly to the usefulness of current teaching and research collection of the library.
  • The library would not accept donations that duplicate existing stock, except in the case of core reading list material, or any material that is out of date, or in poor physical condition.
  • The donations will be accepted without obligations to the donors and on the understanding that upon the receipt the material will become the property of the University Library.
  • The library will determine the most appropriate way to treat any donated material.

Donations will normally be dispersed and items will be shelved with materials on the same subject or in other sequence rather than kept in separate, discrete collections.

  • Donated material will have the same de-selection criteria as the other library material.
  • The library reserves the right to dispose of any gift that seems unsuitable or unwanted.

WEEDING & Write off:

On receipt of a written request from the Librarian, the registrar shall depute one or two members other than the library staff for weeding out outdated worn-out and / or seriously damaged or mutilated books and other materials. He / She / they shall submit their recommendations in writing to the competent authority for approval. After approval damaged material will be struck off from the library register and records.