Department Of Chemistry :

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1. Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed Khan Professor [email protected]
2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Versiani Professor Chairman Department of Chemistry [email protected]
3. Dr. Aneela Wahab Assoc. Prof. In-charge Organic Chemistry [email protected]
4. Dr. Azizuddin Shaikh Assoc. Prof.
5. Dr. Sana Mustafa Assoc. Prof. In-charge Analytical Chemistry [email protected]
6. Dr. Samina Abdul Sattar Assoc. Prof. In-charge Physical Chemistry [email protected]
7. Dr. Farah Kishwer Asst. Prof. In-charge Inorganic Chemistry [email protected]
8. Mr. Muhammad Samiuddin Qadri Asst. Prof.
9. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Tahiri Asst. Prof. In-charge Ahsaas Scholarship Program [email protected]
10. Dr. Anila Anwar Asst. Prof. [email protected]
11. Dr. Syed Tahir Ali Asst. Prof. Member Senate FUUAST [email protected]
12. Dr. Rubina Perveen Asst. Prof. [email protected]
13. Dr. Amina Sultana Asst. Prof. [email protected]
14. Dr. Kausar Yasmeen Asst. Prof. [email protected]
15. Dr. Rabia Farheen Asst. Prof. [email protected]
16. Dr. Sajid Jahangir Asst. Prof. [email protected]
17. Dr. Urooj Haroon Asst. Prof. [email protected]
18. Dr. Asra Mustafa Asst. Prof. [email protected]
19. Dr. Atya Hassan Asst. Prof. Focal Person Pakistan Citizen Portal & PM Fee Reimbursement Program [email protected]
20. Dr. Sameera Razi Khan Asst. Prof. [email protected]
21. Dr. Nazia Fareed Asst. Prof. [email protected]
22. Dr. Sobia Tahir Asst. Prof. [email protected]
23. Dr. Sobiya Perwaiz Asst. Prof. [email protected]
24. Mr. Obaid Khaliq Lecturer [email protected]
25. Dr.Sadaf Sultan Lecturer
26. Mr.Muhammad Mansoor Kamal Lecturer
27. Ms.Marium Nasir Lecturer [email protected]
28. Mr.Wijdan Hassan Lecturer