Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zahid

Department Of Biochemistry :

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1 Dr. Saima Khaliq Assoc. Prof Chairperson [email protected]
2 Dr. Hina A Mudassir Asst. Prof. [email protected]
3 Dr. Syeda Nuzhat Fatima Zaidi Asst. Prof
4 Dr. Uzma Jabeen Asst. Prof
5 Mrs. Lubna Anis Asst. Prof
6 Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Asst. Prof
7 Dr. Irfan Sajid Asst. Prof
8 Dr.Sumera Rais Lecturer
9 Ms. Farhana Farhat Lecturer
10 Mr.Abdul Rehman Lecturer
11 Ms.Asfia Ambreen Lecturer

Department Of Botany :

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1 Prof. Dr. Zarina Ali Professor Chairperson [email protected]
2 Dr. Bushreen Jehan Assoc. Prof.
3 Dr. Irum Zulfiqar (us Salam) Assoc. Prof. [email protected]
4 Dr. Alia Abbas Assoc. Prof.
5 Dr. Sahar Zaidi Assoc. Prof.
6 Ms. Sadia Zaheer Asst. Prof.
7 Dr. Rafat Saeed Asst. Prof.
8 Dr. Toqeer Ahmed Asst. Prof.
9 Dr. Afsheen Khan Asst. Prof.
10 Dr. Rubina Noureen Asst. Prof.

Department Of Chemistry :

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1. Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed Khan Professor Chairman Department of Chemistry [email protected]
2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Versiani Professor In-charge Industrial Chemistry [email protected]
3. Dr. Aneela Wahab Assoc. Prof. In-charge Organic Chemistry [email protected]
4. Dr. Azizuddin Shaikh Assoc. Prof.
5. Dr. Sana Mustafa Assoc. Prof. In-charge Analytical Chemistry [email protected]
6. Dr. Samina Abdul Sattar Assoc. Prof. In-charge Physical Chemistry [email protected]
7. Dr. Farah Kishwer Asst. Prof. In-charge Inorganic Chemistry [email protected]
8. Mr. Muhammad Samiuddin Qadri Asst. Prof.
9. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Tahiri Asst. Prof. In-charge Ahsaas Scholarship Program [email protected]
10. Dr. Anila Anwar Asst. Prof. [email protected]
11. Dr. Syed Tahir Ali Asst. Prof. Member Senate FUUAST [email protected]
12. Dr. Rubina Perveen Asst. Prof. [email protected]
13. Dr. Amina Sultana Asst. Prof. [email protected]
14. Dr. Kausar Yasmeen Asst. Prof. [email protected]
15. Dr. Rabia Farheen Asst. Prof. [email protected]
16. Dr. Sajid Jahangir Asst. Prof. [email protected]
17. Dr. Urooj Haroon Asst. Prof. [email protected]
18. Dr. Asra Mustafa Asst. Prof. [email protected]
19. Dr. Atya Hassan Asst. Prof. Focal Person Pakistan Citizen Portal & PM Fee Reimbursement Program [email protected]
20. Dr. Sameera Razi Khan Asst. Prof. [email protected]
21. Dr. Nazia Fareed Asst. Prof. [email protected]
22. Dr. Sobia Tahir Asst. Prof. [email protected]
23. Dr. Sobiya Perwaiz Asst. Prof. [email protected]
24. Mr. Obaid Khaliq Lecturer [email protected]
25. Dr.Sadaf Sultan Lecturer
26. Mr.Muhammad Mansoor Kamal Lecturer
27. Ms.Marium Nasir Lecturer [email protected]
28. Mr.Wijdan Hassan Lecturer

Department Of Computer Science :

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sarim Professor Chairman [email protected]
2 Dr. Kamran Ahsan Assoc. Prof. [email protected]
3 Mrs. Asima Nisar Asst. Prof. [email protected]
4 Dr. Farhan Shafiq Asst. Prof. [email protected]
5 Dr. Uzma Afzal Asst. Prof. [email protected]
6 Dr. Shazia Usmani Asst. Prof. [email protected]
7 Mr. Shaikh Kashif Riffat Asst. Prof. [email protected]
8 Dr. Kashif Laeeq ( Asst. Prof. [email protected]
9 Dr. Muhammad Khalid Shaikh ( Asst. Prof. [email protected]
10 Ms. Naheed Azeem Asst. Prof. [email protected]
11 Dr. Syed Akhter Raza Asst. Prof. [email protected]
12 Ms. Madeeha Fatima Lecturer
13 Ms. Salwa Iqbal Lecturer [email protected]

Department Of Environmental Science:

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1. Prof. Dr. Arif Zubair Professor Chairman [email protected]
2. Dr. Haq Nawaz Asst.Prof
3. Dr. Asif hussain Asst.Prof
4. Dr. Muhammad Usama Zafar Asst.Prof [email protected]
5. Dr. Waqar Ahmed Lecturer
6. Mr. Umer Khan Lecturer

Department Of Geography:

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1. Prof. Dr. Arif Zubair Professor Chairman [email protected]
2 Dr. Gohar Ali Mahar Assoc. Prof.
3 Ms. Shazia Naz Asst. Prof.
4 Dr. Muhammad Azam Asst. Prof.
5 Dr. Razzak Ahmed Asst. Prof.

Department Of Geology :

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1. Prof. Dr. Arif Zubair Professor Chairman [email protected]
2 Ms. Seema Naz Siddique Asst. Prof. [email protected]
3 Mr. Muhammad Afzal Asst. Prof. Student Advisor
4 Ms. Sadia Khaleeq Asst. Prof.
5 Dr. Rakhshanda Sadaf Asst. Prof.
6 Dr. Asma Kausar Khan Lecturer
7 Mr. Muhammad Shumail Lecturer

Department of Mathematical Sciences :

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1. Dr. Shaheen Abbas Chairman Asst. Prof.
2 Mr.Muhammad Siddiq Asst Prof Acting Registrar
3. Dr. Syed M. Murshid Raza Asst. Prof. [email protected]
4. Dr. Amber Nehan Asst. Prof. [email protected]
5. Dr. Oragzaib Mangi Asst. Prof. [email protected]
6. Dr. Kashif Bin Zaheer Asst. Prof. [email protected]
7. Dr. Marium Sultana Asst. Prof. [email protected]
8. Dr. Hafiz Syed Hussain Asst. Prof. [email protected]
9. Mr. Farzand Ali Lecturer [email protected]
10. Dr. Fareeha Sami Khan Lecturer
11. Ms. Humera Zulfiqar Lecturer
12. Ms. Uroosa Arshad Lecturer

Department Of Microbiology:

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1 Dr. Munazza Danish Ejaz Assoc. Prof. [email protected]
2 Dr. Zeba Perveen Imran Assoc. Prof. Chairperson [email protected]
3 Dr. Saima Faraz Assoc. Prof. [email protected]
4 Dr. Sahar Afshan Naz Asst. Prof.
5 Dr. Sadia Khalil Asst. Prof.
6 Dr. Mariyam Shafiq Asst. Prof.
7 Mr. Sikandar Khan Sherwani Asst. Prof.
8 Ms. Ayesha Irshad Lecturer
9 Ms. Aisha Irshad lecturer
10 Dr. Tabbasum Kiran Lecturer
11 Ms. Noor ul Ain Lecturer
12 Ms. Aiman Pirzada Lecturer

Department of Physics:

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1 Dr. Muhammad Asif Siddiqui Assoc. Prof. Chairman [email protected]
2 Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Assoc. Prof.
3 Dr. Shabbar Raza Rizvi Assoc. Prof.
4 Dr. Sara Akhtar Asst. Prof.
5 Dr. M. Rashid Tanveer Asst. Prof.
6 Mr. Atif Dawar Asst. Prof.
7 Mr. Syed Masood Raza Asst. Prof.
8 Dr. Sadaf Qaseem Asst. Prof.
9 Dr. Syed Rizwan Ali Asst. Prof. (lien KU)
10 Dr. Syed Nasim Hassan Shah Asst. Prof.
11 Dr. M. Ashraf Asst. Prof.(Adhoc)
12 Dr. Sitwat Asst. Prof.(Adhoc)
13 Ms. Humaira Asst. Prof.
14 Dr. Saba javaid Asst. Prof.
15 Mr. Adil Tahir Lecturer
16 Mr. Majid Iqbal Lecturer

Department of Zoology:

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1 Prof. Dr. Rubina Mushtaq Professor Acting Vice-Chancellor & Chairperson [email protected]
2 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zahid Professor Dean Faculty of Science & Technology
3 Dr. Naeemuddin Arain Assoc. Prof.
4 Dr. Isma Yasir Assoc. Prof.
5 Dr. Zubair Ahmed Assoc. Prof.
6 Dr. Syed Akhlaq Hussain Asst. Prof. Director Admissions [email protected]
7 Dr. Fatma Hayat Shahen Zafar Asst. Prof.
8 Dr. Sobia Khwaja Asst. Prof.
9 Dr. Saima Siddiqui Asst. Prof.
10 Dr. Samina Arif Asst. Prof.
11 Dr. Uzma Mehboob Asst. Prof.
12 Dr. Sadaf Tabassum Asst. Prof.
13 Dr. Shazia Nisar Asst. Prof.

Department of Statistics:

Sr.No. Name Designation Status Email
1. Dr. Shaista Ismat Assoc. Prof. Chairperson [email protected]
2. Mr. Muhammad Abbas Rawish Asst. Prof.
3. Mr. Zohaib Aziz Asst. Prof.
4. Mr. Muhammad Najam Uddin Asst. Prof.
5. Ms. Jaweria Nasir Lecturer
6. Mr. Sabah Qaiser Lecturer
7. Mr. Umair Waqas Lecturer
8. Mr. Osama Bin Ajaz Lecturer

Department of Biotechnology:

S.No. Name Current Designation Status Email
1 Dr. Munazza Danish Ejaz Assoc. Prof. Chairperson [email protected]
2 Dr. Zainab Bibi Asst. Prof.
3 Dr.Sidra Shaheen Lecturer
4 Ms.Faiza Afzal Lecturer
5 Ms.Mehwish Kalaam Lecturer
6 Mr.Shezaib Siddiqui Lecturer