Verifications Fee

Local Organization (In Pakistan)
1000/-Rs per page
1000/- Rs Covering Latter
(Verification or Letters)
International Organization (out of Pakistan)
35 $ (Dollar) per Case
Pay order /Demand Draft in the name of.
Controller of Examination FUUAST

for online document verification please send an email to: [email protected]

1) Controller Of Examination
Mr. Ghayas Uddin 
(Office 99243978 & Ext. no. 2169)

2) Deputy Controller
Enrollment (Ext. 2031)
Registration (Ext. 2025)
Private Examination (Ext.2026)

3) Deputy Controller
Semester Cell and Statistics.

4) Deputy Controller
Confidential Degree Section.

5) Deputy Controller
Affiliated Exam.

6) Deputy Controller
General (Ext. 2027)

7) Deputy Controller
Islamabad (051-925861, 62, 63, 64 Ext. 117)