The proliferation of quantitative information in society demands that we help to develop the next generation of statistics professionals while increasing the statistical literacy of FUUAST students and the frequency of collaboration with our colleagues. To meet these objectives, the mission of the FUUAST Statistics Department is to:

  • Deliver a high-quality statistics program for our majors and minors that prepares them for either the workplace or further study in graduate programs;
  • Offer service courses for the university that meet the needs of the various majors and enhance the statistical literacy of the students;
  • Support continued growth of Statistics faculty members as teacher-scholars. To contribute to the theoretical and applied development of the field through scholarly research in core areas of statistical theory and probability and publications in leading professional journals.
  • To contribute to the development of new statistical methodology to address substantive problems and to promote the use of these methods through publications in both statistics and subject-matter journals.
  • To contribute to the advancement of science and technology through interdisciplinary research, jointly with scientists at the University of Karachi and at other research institutions and develop a research culture in society in general.