Short Course Basic Quality Control in Textile Chemistry
Starting from 24th Feb 2016 -27April 2016

It’s a great pleasure that Dept. of Chemistry have been launching a course of the first hand knowledge of textile chemistry this course will help for the job opportunity for students.

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Textile and Chemistry

Textile is the base of economy of Pakistan, and recently by the efforts of certain sincere and hard core self-worth field/business experts, brought government in to collaboration to modernize and upgrade the textile sector of the country for better quality products and enhanced productivity. The Textile industry of the country in previous decade had suffered a lot owing to the lack of research and utilities which include water, shortage of electricity, but shown its consistent survival even after passing through many ups and downs; the result is the exports of textile and textile

products of Pakistan have shown a significant increase in the recent years. The Government has offered various incentives for the industry’s up gradation and modernization to the local and International Market to well acquaint Pakistan to be recognized, with an increasing demand for compliance with ISO and other  International quality certifications and standards. Major International countries competing in this field other than Pakistan are Belgium, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States of America.

We can upgrade the machine and process by importing latest technology from other countries who are continuously doing research in textile chemistry and machines.

Course content:

  1. Physical Testing of the Fabric  Count & construction of fabric,   Blend Ratio
  1. Chemical testing:

PCPawareness , Blend composition,  Identification ofFiber, Identification of Dyes, Solvent Extractable matter,  Chloride Content, Sulphate Content, pH value of water extract,  Moisture Content, Shrinkage to Water, Colour  Fastness Tests.

  1. International methods adoted by the industry


All teachers, students, engineer are eligible

Class timing: Wednesday & Thursday   (Two days in a week)

Address for correspondence:

Email:[email protected],

Email:[email protected]

Contact us: 03452221294, 021-9244141, Ext. 2113,

Dept. of Chemistry fuuast Gulshan campus Karachi.